Building and Civil Engineering Contractors

Larne Grammar School

Larne Grammar School

7 months

£1m – £2m

Lower Cairncastle Road, Larne, Co Antrim

Civil Engineer: Taylor & Boyd
M&E Engineer: Bennett Robertson
Quantity Surveyor: W H Stephens

To provide enhanced sports facilities for Larne Grammar, MSM were awarded the contract to deliver:
• 1nr full-sized synthetic hockey pitch to comply with the FIH Handbook of Performance Requirements for Synthetic Turf Hockey Pitches
• 4nr synthetic tennis courts to meet the ITF Approved Tennis Balls & Classified Court Surfaces design specification

Before commencing the contract, we appointed Clive Richardson Ltd as our subcontractor to carry out the specialist sports surface works.

Works associated with the hockey pitch and tennis courts included installation of perimeter and ballstop fencing, access gates, pitch markings and sports furniture. Under the electrical services subcontract, floodlighting to 350 lux was installed to both the hockey pitch and tennis courts.

Site development works completed under the contract included:
• Extensive site excavation
• Forming bitmac access roads, car parking and paths
• Erecting paladin mesh fencing and gates to boundary
• Soft landscaping works
• Underground drainage works including connections to existing network