Building and Civil Engineering Contractors


MSM are committed to Quality Assurance and the delivery of high workmanship standards through implementation of rigorous quality control procedures. Our Quality Management System is externally accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and is applied across the whole company, embracing all of the activities which impact upon our clients and supply chain. Our ISO 9001 accreditation is externally audited annually to ensure that all systems and procedures are compliant with the ISO requirements.

Implementation of our Quality Management System ensures that quality standards and processes are adhered to and that our projects meet or exceed the required specifications and requirements

Our Quality Policy, which forms part of our strategic objectives, establishes the direction to achieve our key quality objectives of completing work:

We seek to continually improve our quality standards, processes and systems by measuring our performance in contrast to industry-wide Key Performance Indicators. These findings are then reported upon and used to help improve the services we deliver.

By consistently exceeding clients’ quality expectations, MSM have continually enhanced our reputation and trustworthiness within the industry. This is demonstrated by the high level of repeat business we receive from our clients and provides a cornerstone of our continued growth into a successful sustainable business.