Building and Civil Engineering Contractors


We are committed to ensuring all our operational processes are as environmentally sustainable as possible. We seek to apply successful, responsible and sustainable procedures that reduce the environmental impact from our construction activities to a practical minimum.

MSM operates an Environmental Management System which is certified as NQA ISO 14001:2004 compliant. In line with this accreditation, environmental regulations and industry best practice we undertake an Environmental Risk Assessment and produce a specific Environmental Plan for all our sites and our two office locations.

We have systems in place to ensure we plan, manage and control waste streams generated on our sites. We seek out every opportunity to ensure the effective use of materials with a high recycled content, reduce waste by encouraging greater resource efficiency and, wherever possible, recycling waste generated for use on the site. We aspire to significantly reduce the amount we send to landfill, making this the option of last resort.

Pre-commencement of a project, we ensure that all pollution issues identified in the Environmental Risk Assessment are addressed. With reference to best practice, including published guidance issued by the Environmental Agency, operational procedures are put in place under our Environmental Plan to eliminate or reduce the potential pollution impact of activities on-site. This includes the reduction and management of dust transference, noise pollution and preventing water pollution. We regularly monitor consumption of energy, water, fuel and transport. This enables us to report on our energy consumption and to identify ways in which to reduce our energy use.

All employees and relevant supply chain members receive regular on-site training on project-specific environmental issues to ensure they are aware of the environmental risks and their responsibilities.