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‘Staying safe in the sun’ with Cancer Focus NI

MSM were pleased to invite Sandra Gordon from Cancer Focus Northern Ireland to deliver a ‘Staying safe in the sun’ awareness presentation on 27 May 2015, at our Castle Hill Events Space project in Dungannon for Mid Ulster Council. We invited MSM employees, our subcontractors and council employees to this PowerPoint presentation that sought to raise awareness on the dangers of over-exposure to UV radiation both on our construction sites and in our family lives.


Information was given on types of skin cancer, skin types and tips on how to spot early signs of skin cancer developing. Preventative measures were discussed, including use of hats, sunglasses, sunscreens, as well as underlining the importance of maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin D in our bodies. Following the presentation, a number of MSM employees and subcontractors participated in a screening session using a specialist skin scanner. Headshot images were taken of each person to identify signs of skin damage and potential signs of skin cancer.


MSM would like to thank Sandra for delivering this informative presentation at our Castle Hill Events Space site and for raising awareness on this important issue.


For further information on the work of Cancer Focus Northern Ireland, please go to